Town council raises pool admission rates

Tyler Martineau/Lingle Guide The Lingle Town Council discussed four ordinances during the regular meeting on Wednesday.

Next meeting scheduled for May 4 at 5 p.m.

LINGLE – The Lingle Town Council held its regular meeting on Wednesday and discussed increases to pool staff salaries and admission rates.

Councilman Joe Welte was absent from the meeting.

The council approved a base pay of $9.50 an hour for new lifeguards with a 50-cent to $1.50 increase for returning lifeguards as agreed upon at a previous meeting. Mayor George Siglin said the pay resembles similar public pool rates in the area.

In terms of admission rates, Siglin said keeping the pool going is not cheap and the town normally loses money from it as does other municipalities with pools. The biggest increase in prices for pool maintenance and supplies has been for chlorine as the price has doubled in the last two years. The proposed rates included general admission increase from $3 to $5, night swim from $2 to $3, lap swim from $2 to $3, water aerobics from $80 to $100, walk-in session for water aerobics from $3 to $4 and senior aerobics from $55 to $75 with walk in from $2 to $3. The season and family passes remained the same.

“We felt with changing those that would be sufficient to cover the cost for the swimming pool,” Siglin said.

Pool Manager Brandi Hill said it has been several years since the prices were raised and it was not met well by the community. Hill said there is a need for the increase but said she did not agree with the general admission increase by $2.

“I’m very hesitant from three to five,” Hill said. “My fear is the kiddos who can’t afford to get in… and am I going to say no you can’t come and swim because you only have $4?”

Hill also said she understands the goal is to push the season passes due to the increase.

Along with the approval of the admission rate increase, the council also approved the Senior Center Letter of support and certificate of match.

In other action items, the council discussed four ordinances. The first was Ordinance 357 relating to flood damage prevention for the Town of Lingle. The ordinance gives residents the option to purchase flood insurance.

Ordinance 358 relating to the contract with TDS Collection Service on second reading. An effective date of July 1 will be added for third reading.

Ordinance 359 was also passed on second reading which relates to amending a section of the Lingle Town Code for setting rates for garbage service and repealing conflicting ordinances.

The council also passed Ordinance 360 relating to amending Section 3,5 and 15 of Ordinance 245. The changes include changing mayor term limits to four years in accordance with state statute, a requirement for those running for office to pick up and drop off a paper application at the town hall and for elected officials to start on the first meeting of June rather that the first day of June.

The council also approved the 2021 Annual Water Quality Report.

During the information items, Councilman AJ Lambert said the fire department egg hunt and “egg your yard” events went well as 7,200 eggs were placed in yards around the town the night before Easter.

In preparation of the pool season, Hill said she plans to go to a training so she can train the lifeguards herself this year. Hill also said there were issues with the purchase of a new diving board so there will to be one ready for the beginning of the season. Hill said there is no rush now to order a new one but still plans to do so as she has until next February.

Mayor Siglin gave an update on the Sixth Penny Tax and said it was unanimously voted down by the Goshen County Commissioners. Siglin said the commissioners previously required each of the five municipalities to give specific estimates on their projects which totaled to around $14,000,000. The commissioners said they would want to double the price which Siglin said even he would have voted down.

The next regular meeting is May 4 at 5 p.m.


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