Meyer Seeds has family roots

LINGLE – Family has always been at the center of the Meyers’ business.

Brett and Linda Meyer run the business along with their son Garrett and their nephew Gage. Garrett is taking over the farming side of the business giving Brett, the general manager and a sales agent, more time to focus on the seeds which Linda calls him the “corn doctor.”

“He likes to diagnose and help farmers have a successful crop,” Linda said. “If they’re successful we’re successful.”

Gage runs the IT and also works with Aqua Spy for soil probes. Brett’s mom is also involved as she drives truck for sileage harvest and manure spreading for the farming operations.

Linda herself is in charge of the drone operations of the business.

Their daughters Kylah and Tiah have also been part of the operation before eventually moving on. Kylah, who used to run the animal health for the feedlot, recently got married and moved away while Tiah graduated from Lingle-Fort Laramie High School and plans to be a black hawk pilot. Linda said she is hopeful to have Tiah working with them one day and joked about helicopter tours possibly being a new service to their business in the future.

Long before the Meyers started farming and selling corn seed in Wyoming, Brett lived in Bennett, Colorado and worked on his family farm. His father and uncle came to Wyoming and bought the Natural Bridge Ranch.

After Brett’s father died in 1993, they sold the ranch and moved the family business to Torrington. The later started farming in Lingle in 1995.

For the past eight years, the Meyers have been sales agents with Pioneer Seeds which has coincided with their annual field days.

Along with selling seed, the Meyers also have drone and soil probe services. Each service provided gives their customers the tools needed for their own farms.

One thing the Meyers are looking forward to is their new building which will be a warehouse for the seed storage and will have a soybean seed treater. The warehouse will be the primary gathering spots for all their events including field day.

The office building will feature three offices, a kitchen and a meeting room area. The new addition is meant to provide a central place for the Meyers to meet with customers more often and in different ways.

“It’s just going to give us an opportunity to do things we haven’t been able to do very easily,” Linda said.

The Meyers are looking forward to the future of the business and continuing to grow their operation with their friends and family.

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